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Mestre Ediandro

Practicing Capoeira since he was 7 years old, he proudly passes on his experiences and origin in the capoeira world. He only had one Master, Mestre Sombra, of the Capoeira Senzala de Santos Association, who is known at the Federation Paulista de Capoeira as Mestrissimo (Cordão de Ouro).

Mestre Ediandro de Almeida is the founder of the Association de Capoeira Banzo de Senzala in Barcelona, which is the first specialised Capoeira Centre in the city.

The aim of " Banzo de Senzala " is to help maintain all traditional elements, concearning capoeira, enlarging the importance gained on our behalf through civilizations legacy. Mestre Ediandro's teaching is based on the culture and the elements that Capoeira unite, music, singing , fighting techniques, physical training, mental balance, tradition and philosophy. He also focuses on the teaching of Capoeira and its realization. He shares the importance emotion, harmony and creativity. Passing on Capoeira more as a way of life, than a martial art which hosts violence and lack of culture.

Coming from Brazil, Mestre Ediandro Almeida, who is the administrator of the Association de Capoeira Banzo de Senzala, offers an important work on the European Community organizing classes, seminars and shows.