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Monitor Giorgos

Monitor Giorgos has been training Capoeira for more than 13 years. He is a student of Mestre Ediandro and Professor Manel and he begun his training in 2001 in Athens, Greece. He has trained with various teachers in the UK, Spain and Brazil and he was one of the first five people that gratuated with the level of Formado from the Associasion of Capoeira Banzo de Senzala Atenas in Athens.

Monitor Giorgos has taught and organised various Capoeira seminars and workshops throughout Greece. He has also participated/performed for numerous renowned and well respected choreographers, agencies and events such as Panos Metaxopoulos, Pavlos Kourtidis, Cristiane Cabral, Antenna TV, Alpha TV, Skai TV, MAD TV, Zougla TV, Action 24, Nea TV (Crete), UNESCO, FAGE, LAK, Cosmopolitan, nrg, Golden Hall, Stavento, Fame Story, Dream Show, Beauty Contest, Star Salsa, TodoLatino, Sola Luna Dance Festival (Samothraki), Sampajana Jazz Festival 2013 (Crete), MeliJazz Festival 2014 (Leonidio), Tsipojito Latin Nights, Ηello! Travel Mykonos, Medecins Du Monde, THE MEET MARKET, THE BATTLE XV, Athens FitnessEXPO, Ammothines Restaurant Beach - Bar (Pilos).